Beerlift WebServer

Version Changelog



  • MQTT
  • Update-Check
  • Development PINs


If you get an error message when updating, the update must be carried out via cable, as described in the chapter 




  • Completely revised user interface (UI) and new design.
  • Telegram Bot
  • automatic page refresh every time the settings are changed.
  • All functions except for the pump were also enabled for the old beer lift version.
  • new navigation menu with lots of additional information.
  • new control icons
  • maximum number of LEDs has been increased to 144.
  • Music Shuffle during up/down.
  • Four programmable buttons 433MHz remote control
  • Child lock option (deactivates the push button)
  • Window and text colour can be changed
  • Backup and restore settings
  • Added "Remote Control" for 433 MHz remote controls
  • Number of sounds on the SD card is automatically detected
  • Invert watersensor mode added under "Water
  • Languages German and Russian added under "Miscellaneous
  • Option Blynk activated under "Blynk"
  • first version

Files for the first installation on a new ESP32

Blynk control for the BierLift WebServer

The tutorial is here

Alexa Skill for the BierLift WebServer

The tutorial is here