If you bought a BierLift 2.0 controller together with the ESP32, you don't need to read this manual, because the BierLift server is already installed on your ESP. You can skip this chapter and go to chapter first start .

 Wenn ihr jedoch bereits ein ESP32 Modul habt und wollt auf dem Modul das BierLiftOS installieren, ist diese Anleitung für euch.

 Diese Anleitung werdet ihr auch benötigen, falls aus irgendeinem Grund das Firmwareupdate nicht richtig installiert wurde und ihr keine Verbindung mir dem BierLiftOS hestellen könnt.

To install you need the tool Flash Download Tools You can find the flashing tool here:

After downloading and unzipping the zip file, open the *.exe file. After that the tool starts. Select Developer Mode und ESP32 DownloadTool in the next window.

Now download the installation files BierLiftOS_first_install

After unpacking to any directory, you can select the downloaded bin files in the ESP32 Download Tool by clicking on the small three-dot symbol. Make sure that the checkmarks on the left side are selected. In the input fields on the right, type in the numbers as shown in the following picture. Also check that the rest of the options are as shown in the picture and that the correct port is selected. If your ESP32 is not recognized, it must USB to UART Bridge Driver be installed.

Before uploading the installation files to the ESP32, the internal memory of the board should be formatted. For this click on the button Erase.

If in green field SYNC is visible, press the BOOT on your ESP32 module and hold until the status changes to DOWNLOAD changes. The formatting is completed when in the green field FINISH is visible.

Now click on Start and presses the button again BOOT on the board, if you see SYNC in the green field. The installation step can be seen on the green bar.

When the files have been uploaded to the ESP32, the download panel will show FINISH Press the EN auf eurem ESP und wartet ca. 30-40 Sekunden bis das BierLiftOS installiert und gestartet wird.

Open the wifi settings on your smartphone or PC and check whether the network BierliftKE can be seen. 

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