Functions and settings

Description for the older webserver versions you can here download as PDF document.

Please note that the interface of the server may look different depending on the operating system and browser of your device. All the following images were created with an Android smartphone.


In the menu you can navigate between the pages of the server.


The following information can be found in the lower section:


  • Operating time (time since the last start of the server)
  • WiFi signal strength
  • Free RAM
  • Device ID
  • IP address
  • current firmware version


This is the main page of the server.

  • Status - current events
  • Temperature - Temperature outside and inside
  • Water level - Info regarding water level. LOW or HIGH

With the buttons UP, STOP and DOWN the beer lift is controlled.


  • LED quantity - Number of LEDs on your WS2812b strip. For correct work, please define the exact number. After changing this value, the server must be restarted by clicking on REBOOT click.
  • Effects - Choice of lighting effects or static colour.
  • Reverse direction - Changes direction for directional effects.
  • Color - Light colour for static colour
  • Effect speed - Speed for lighting effects
  • Effect Parameter - Determines the number of LEDs that light up at the same time for flashing effects
  • Backlight brightness – light intensity


  • Use pump - If your beer lift has a water pump, this function should be activated.
  • Use a water sensor - Activate/deactivate the water level switch.
  • Auto mode - Activate/deactivate the automatic start of the pump when the water level exceeds the value of HIGH! has.
  • Invert watersensor mode - Changing the switching mode of the water sensor (new since v.2021.02.10a)
  • Pump shutdown delay - Time delay for switching off the pump after the status change from HIGH! to LOW. This option is only available with the active option Auto Mode .

With the button START/STOP the pump can be switched on and off manually.


  • Enable temperatur measuring inside - Activating/deactivating the temperature measurement in the beerlift
  • Enable temperatur measuring outside - Activate/deactivate outdoor temperature measurement
  • Swap temperature sensors values - with this option, the values of outdoor and indoor temperature can be swapped if the displays of In and OUT are incorrectly assigned on the main page.


  • Use soundtrack - Activating/deactivating the music during up or down
  • Soundtrack volume - Volume
  • Equalizer – Equalizer  Normal, Pop, Rock, Jazz, Classic und Bass
  • Random playback - random playback when multiple tracks are set for in the following options. (new since v.2021.02.10a)
  • Lifting sound - Sound number for start-up. Several tracks are entered comma-separated. If the option Random playback is not active, the tracks are played one after the other as entered. (new since v.2021.02.10a)
  • Descent sound - Sound number for descent. Same rules as for Lifting sound. (new since v.2021.02.10a)
  • Sound List - With this function, you can select any sound from the list and play it with the buttons below, pause it and switch to the next/previous sound.


Connection to the Blynk server is planned in order to be able to control the beerlift from outside your home network. This function is used e.g. for Alexa or Siri control required.

  • Use Blynk - Enable/disable synchronisation via Blynk Cloud
  • Blynk API key – Blynk Token

Examples of Blynk HTTP RESTful APIs:

    • Up –
    • Stop –
    • Down –
    • Inside temperature –
    • Outdoor temperature –

Wireless remote (new since V.2021.06.03a)

  • In the current version, up to four buttons of a 433MHz remote control can be programmed coupled with a function.
    • Last code - the code of the last key pressed
    • Remote control 433MHz - Activates/deactivates control with a remote control
    • Button code 1 – 4 - the code of the remote control key selected for control (must be entered manually or by copy/paste from the field Last Code be adopted)
    • Action - Function of the selected key. The following functions can be selected for the keys.


You can read about the functions and set-up in this Blog .

  • Use Telegram - Use Telegram
  • Notification for admin - Owner of the beer lift gets the chat notifications every time the status changes.
  • Bot API token – Telegram Bot Api Token
  • Admin ID - Your Telegram ID


  • WiFi mode - Connection mode. Access point (AP), Client (STA) and Access point + Client
  • Wait for connection no more - Time ESP32 tries to connect to your home network. If this does not happen AP Mode started.
  • WiFi name - Name of your network
  • WiFi password - Password of your network
  • Access point name - Name of the network in the AP Mode.
  • Acces point password - Password for the AP


    • Ascent time - Time interval for automatic stop during start-up.
    • Descent time - Time interval for automatic stop when driving down. Also for music and LED lighting.
    • Use movement sensor - The control recognises whether the lift has arrived at the top or bottom and switches off relays. In the lower position, music and lights are also switched off.
    • Enable high speed mode - activates high speed mode. At Control additional buttons are displayed. Attention!  Fast upward movement does not work with a fully loaded beerlift.
    • Invert speed control signal swaps fast and normal driving if the buttons switch the wrong driving mode.


      • Adaptation for old elektronic version Bierlift-Shield - switches to the first generation beerlift control mode.
      • Child protection - Option Child protection deactivates the push button.
      • LED indication mode - activates/deactivates the blue LED on the ESP32 board.


      the page System is called up under the gear symbol in the navigation menu.

      • Language selection - User interface language
      • Main Color - Change system main colour
      • Value Color - Change the text colour of the displayed values
      • Configuration - In this area you can reset the system to factory settings with the RESET , save your current settings to a file with SAVE and restore your settings with UPDATE .
      • Firmware - With this option you have the possibility to install new Updates .

      Control with a push button

      • press 1 x – UP/ Down/ Stop
      • press 2 x - fast startup/shutdown (if option Enable high speed mode is activated)
      • press 3 x - WiFi module of ESP32 is restarted
      • press 5 x - ESP32 will be restarted
      • Hold for 10 seconds - Reset to factory settings

      After each stop and subsequent start, the direction of travel is changed.


      • Press 1 x - beerlift moves up
      • Press 1 x - beerlift stops
      • Press 2 x - beerlift descends quickly

      HTTP commands

      You can use the following HTTP commands in your home network to integrate the beer lift control e.g. into your smarthome control or to control the beerlift with apps like HTTP Shortcuts.

      •  http://IP/api?action=2  -> fast start up
      • http://IP/api?action=1  -> normal startup
      • http://IP/api?action=0  –> Stop
      • http://IP/api?action=-1 -> normal shutdown
      • http://IP/api?action=-2 -> fast shutdown
      • http://IP/api?state  -> current status
      • http://IP/api?t  -> both temperature values
      • http://IP/api?t1  -> Inside temperature
      • http://IP/api?t2  -> Outdoor temperature

      IP must be replaced with the IP address of your Bierlift webserver.


      Please leave your questions and suggestions in the FAQ.