Description Bierlift WebServer

The ESP32 microcontroller is perfect not only for controlling the devices or processing the measurement data.  ESP32 can also function as a mini web server. The Bierlift WebServer was specially developed for the new Bierlift 2.0 version, but can be used with the old Bierlift Shield control with some restrictions. Bierlift WebServer allows you to control the Bierlift from any device with an internet connection. No special apps are needed, just any internet browser.

If you do not have wifi in your garden, the ESP32 can act as a wifi router in AP mode (access point). This makes it possible to establish a direct wifi connection with the beer lift.

If you bought your ESP32 in the Bierlift shop, the Bierlift server is already installed on your microcontroller. You can connect immediately and configure the server according to your needs. However, if you already have an ESP32 board, the installation is described in the following chapters. The installation of the Bierlift web server is very easy. You do not need any advanced computer knowledge. 

Connection and synchronisation of the Bierlift WebServer with Blynk Cloud allows you to control the Bierlift outside your home network. You can integrate the Bierlift WebServer into your home automation system and/or control the Bierlift with Alexa or Siri.

The development of the web server is far from complete. There are still many ideas that will be implemented in the near future. Therefore, check regularly at for new Updates

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