DIY Project Bierift 2.0

The new Beerlift 2.0 sieht dem ersten Bierliftkonzept zwar sehr ähnlich aus, wurde jedoch fast komplett überarbeitet und mit vielen neuen Features verbessert. Alle „Spezialteile“, die nur bei bestimmten Händlern verfügbar sind, wurden durch Standardteile ersetzt: so wie zum Beispiel alle Bauhaus Aluminiumprofile, der Bosch Motor and IGUS threaded spindle. This makes the new Beerlift 2.0 significantly cheaper compared to its predecessor if you were to compare only the basic equipment.

Just like its predecessor, the new Earth Hole Beer Cooler Space for up to 21x 0.33l and 15x 0.5l standard bottles. Thanks to round pockets in the bottoms, larger bottles can also find their place in the beer lift. The lid of the beer lift is heat-insulated with a hard foam plate.


  • Completely revised maintenance-free mechanics with a newly developed double gear drive. 3D printed gears and slide bearings made of polyamide as well as a gear rack milled from HPL are hard-wearing and almost indestructible.
  • Coaxial force application that ensures smooth and jerk-free movement.
  • More affordable and powerful 12V Windscreen Wiper Motor drives the beer lift up and down in a few seconds.

Electronics and control

  • Misic when raising and lowering
  • Monitoring of the condensation water level in cold seasons by water level sensor and water pump.
  • Many beautiful light effects with LED Strip WS2812b
  • Control of the beer lift with a push button and/or a 433MHz remote control if no smartphone is at hand.
  • Steuerung mit Alexa und Siri
  • Integration into smart home systems via MQTT
  • own BierLift 2.0 WebServer with user-friendly interface with many settings.
  • Connection to the beer lift via Acces Point (AP), Station Mode (STA) or Combined (AP_STA)
  • Two temperature sensors for indoor and outdoor temperature measurement.
  • No programming is necessary
  • Installing updates via wifi

and much much more...


DIY Projekt Bierlift


Der Bierliftt 2.0 is a DIY Project. The documentation in the following chapters is intended to inspire you to build your own. The content will be gradually revised and supplemented.  Despite all the care taken, errors may still have crept in. Independent action and thinking is generally required. You can download all files (except polyamide parts) and documents for building here. The documentation is very extensive because of the many pictures. To keep it clearer, it is divided into several chapters:

If you have any questions, please visit the FAQ section first. Frequently asked questions are answered there. In the FAQ, you can ask your questions or write your suggestions in the comments section.

The BierLift WebServer was programmed in a very short time, but already has a lot of functions. There are still many ideas that will be implemented soon. Therefore, check regularly if there are new updates. Due to the amount of information, a separate chapter was created for the BierLift WebServer.

Please leave your questions and suggestions in the FAQ.