Electric and control

Important ! Mains voltage - danger to life!

  • If in doubt, have the installation carried out by a professional!
  • Check everything thoroughly before you plug it into the socket.
  • Vor Änderungen immer zuerst den Stecker ziehen!
  • A residual current circuit breaker ("FI") in the house installation is highly recommended.

If you only want to build the Bierlift 2.0 with basic functions, you can use a control of your choice or a simple 2-channel relay control with remote control.

However, if you want to retrofit your Bierlift with nice light effects, music when raising/ lowering, temperature monitoring, hardware button, water pump and water level sensor, the Bierlift 2.0 control is advisable. This control was developed especially for the new beer lift version 2.0 and is not suitable for the old beer lift version.


The following figure shows the overall wiring diagram. Connection diagram for older control boards up to version V2.51 can be found under this link.

Prevents short circuits and polarity reversals:

  • Short circuits and polarity reversals can damage the adapter board, control board (especially MP3 module) or ESP32!
  • Make sure that all connections are firmly connected and well insulated.
  • Check everything thoroughly before putting the Bierlift 2.0 control unit into operation.

Zentraler Teil der Steuerung ist auch, wie in der Steuerung 1. Generation, der ESP32 Mikrokontroller. Auf den ESP32 wird das Betriebsystem BierLiftOS installiert, für das aufgrund der Informationsmenge ein extra Kapitel erstellt wurde.

All electrical components are connected or plugged into the adapter board and the control board. A temperature sensor for indoor temperature monitoring is already integrated in the adapter board.

The two boards are connected to each other by means of an 8-core data cable and 2 core wires. The cables are pulled through the rectangular tube on the side (profiles 1 in the assembly instructions).

Two EL2_BL2 parts are screwed onto the adapter board. Then the board is clamped to the bottom of the 35mm tube.

The control board is screwed to the top of part PP9_BL2 and covered with part EL4_BL2.

The Micro SD card can be inserted through the opening in the PP9_BL2 and a USB cable can be connected to ESP32 if required.


When plugging the EPS32 onto the control board, make sure that the orientation is correct. Pins Vin and gnd are marked as auxiliary markings on the board.


Caution: incorrect installation can destroy the ESP32 board!

For the motor connection, you can use the conductors cut from the 12V power supply unit. Insulated 4.8 mm flat receptacles are suitable as plugs.

To ensure that the motor cable does not radiate any interference, the cores should be twisted (braided) and only as long as necessary.


MP3 files are saved on a Micro SD card in the folder mp3 copied. All files should be renamed to 0001.mp30002.mp3 usw. umbenannt werden. Es können bis zu 22 Songs unter BierLiftOS konfiguriert werden.

Please leave your questions and suggestions in the FAQ.